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Saturday, May 20, 2006

alright, i have gotten all of the menacing emails about my lack of bloggage...but the fact of the matter is, momma ain´t really doing much worth blogging about. scratch that. i just had a 1 hour job interview-COMPLETELY IN SPANISH. i am still shaking. i´ve never been scared of a job interview before, however, i am very scared of spanish. luckily for me, my interviewer wasn´t all that interested in hearing me speak, more so in speaking herself. i had to interrupt a few times to give examples of how i was already accostumed to filing lots of papers or having to deal with pushy tourists (duh, i am from the unted states...we are the definition of pushy tourists...). here comes the strange part...she asked me to write a story about my future son. btdubs, his name is pedro. and he likes football. then i was intstructed to draw a picture of my inlaws house. rats! at least that what i thought they said!! so i drew it then tried to explain parts of the house (i figured they wanted to see if i was able to name rooms and parts of a house since i´m intervieing for a job in a hotel), but again, they weren´t all that interested in hearing me speak. anyhoo. we´ll see what transpires.
oh, yeah, and i´m coming home on friday. getting a little bored here without a job and such. hopefully i´ll have one when i come back. that´s it for me.

Friday, May 05, 2006

well, i had written a really long blog about our first few days in nicaragua the other day and the whole thing somehow got erased and i suppose i´m just now getting over the bitterness of itg all. we´re back in costa rica now, so i´ll just recap all of nicaragua in one little blog. actually, we spent a fair amount of our travels waiting on the side of the road for buses, so that kills a boatload of time. we started in granada, which is a pretty little colonial city with nice architecture and such. nicaragua is CHEAP. you can buy a $30 bottle of flor de caña in the grocery store for $4. which i did. while in granada, we took a day trip to swim in the crater of a volcano called laguna de apoyo which was beautiful. we then decided to move over to isla de ometepe where we thought it would be a good idea to hike a volcano. sounds so stupid when i write it, and i now know that only jackasses hike volcanos. it was the worst thing i´ve ever done. most hikes usually wind around a mountain, but here in nicaragua, they´re all about the straight shot, so rather than waste people´s time and spare their muscles, they carve their trails a straight 6km up (and i mean UP!) the volcano. no wonder we were the ONLY tourists taking part in this particular activity. our guide seemed to be training for the olympic event known as ¨sprint volcano climbing¨and was not pleased with our hourly need for water breaks. when we finally got to the top there was a not so sweet crater that is supposed to be repelled to and for some reason our gangster guide decided we could just do it with no ropes. so we did. it sucked, but we didn´t think much of it. not we´re hearing from everyone else that that´s pretty horrible. like we didn´t already know that. anyhow, the hike was suppose to take 7 hours, but it took us 9. when we got about 1/2 km from the hotel, we bumped into our search party,lead by 12 year olds and complete with a flashlight and bottle of water. that was rich. we then took the ferry (complete with a woman in labor) to the mainland to head to the beach of san juan del sur. the beaches there are pretty nasty, so we took day trips to pretty beaches where we were almopst attacked by a crazy nicaraguan beachgoer with a rock. he kept screaming ¨remember vietnam¨. and while i can´t imagine that he was actually an active participant in the vietnam war (unless he aged beautifully and we had nicaraguan soldiers) he definitely harbored some deep scars. the next day i went diving. it was the worst diving EVER. my dinemaster/instructor couldn´t find the divesite, which lead us to swim around in circles for a bit on a sandy bottom with about 6 feet of visibility at best. he went to the suface about 3 times and came back down as i believe he had some sort of death wish and when he suggested i do the same i just went up and never came back down. i opted out of the 2nd dive and we spent the rest of the day reading US weekly and people magazines in a yummy coffe shop where chelsea got waffles with ¨real¨vermont maple syrup which i thought may send her into convulsions she was so happy. now we´re back in costa rica, heading down south for a few days. i´m going to the airport right now to attempt to return my one way flight home i was forced to buy when i got here. it´s ¨fully refundable¨but you just never know with my luck and american airlines.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


just waiting by the side of the road for another bus.

oh, ometepe

the spider waiting for us in ometepe.
look closely, it´s 1/2 the size of a roll of toilet paper..

a pretty granadian building

Thursday, April 27, 2006

so chelsea and i arrived in nicaragua yesterday. after a true day of travel. we had to leave monteverde at 430 am. we were then deposited on the side of the highway at 6 30am to catch the bus up to nicaragua which was said to arrive at 7. i know we're on central american time, but by by 8 15am we were a little worried that the bus wasn't there. chelsea didn't feel well and starting throwing up on the side of the road. at that point, i was kind of glad our bus was over an hour late. the bus finally pulled up at 9 30 with the guy stepping off and starting with tenemos un problema... (we have a problem). so there were no seats for us for the 5+ hour journey to the nica. not so sweet for anyone, especially a girl who just puked. so we just shuffled into the bus, where else but in front of the bathroom. it had a hot funk emitting from it. they also seemed to think that there was A/C so the bus driver yelled at someone for opening the window, but he was definitely on drugs if he thought that the bus could qualify as air conditioned. anyhoo, we arrived and poked around a little in the afternoon. granada is a really pretty colonial old city. the buildings are all really beautiful. huge, colonial and painted in amazing colors. the market was interesting, selling everything form panties on the street (hello, morocco!) to chickens and bootleg CD's. and i will tell you, too, granada is HOT. i think we've both been spoiled by monteverde. our hostel has dorm rooms in these huge rooms that are kind of like barns. yes, there are fans. yes, the one above our bed is broken. and it is damn hot at night without one. today we're going to maybe explore the city, tomorrow we're going to a lake at the base of a volcano and then saturday we take of to isla de ometepe to hike 8 hours up a volcano.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


sorry i have been MIA. we went to the boondocks of the rica to meet geiner´s parents. when i say boondocks, i mean boondocks. there were no phones and certainally no internet cafes. but it was tons of fun. geiner has 3 brothers, all at home between the ages of 12-22. i kind of felt sorry for his mom at first, but now i want 4 sons, because they are FUN! after 11+ hours on travel, we arrived on friday night to the first of many indulgent and fabulous meals. i have not eaten so well in a long time. we had full on whole-family sit down meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. and then we have fruit snack (pineapple, baby!) time everyday around 11am and som type of bread or homemade rice pudding with coffee for afternoon snack. i guess that´s what you do when you have 4 hungry sons and a farmer to feed. the first night was kind of tough because i couldn´t understand much. it always seems to take a few days to adjust to new people´s speech and allow them to figure out that they need to speak really slowly for me to understand. i can say with some confidence that i will probably never be able to understand geiner´s dad, even when i feel that i have reached spanish fluency. everytime he tried to talk to me, it required a translation through geiner or his mom. for anyone else who finds themselves in a situation where you are at your boyfriend´s parents house and can´t so much communicate, here are 2 great recommendations for breaking the ice: play lots of card games. they are fun in sign language and all you need to say is ¨i am going to win!¨ alot. also, look at lots of baby/childhood pictures, as they are fun in all languages and laughing at your boyfriend´s kindergarden graduation pictures are always a fun ice breaker.
so friday we arrived in the evening and took a little tour of the property as his family lives on a farm. his dad is a pineapple farmer. if i were a pineapple farmer, i would be poor because i love pineapple and i would eat it all, but they seem to be doing A-OK. also, if i lived there, i would NEVER leave. ever. they totally live off the land (laura, i thought about guatemala while i was there...¨livin´off the land, baby¨). they have avacado trees, mango trees, guava trees, they grow black beans and corn and every type of herb and other plant possible. they have a few chickens for eggs and 2 cows for milk. they´re raising 2 pigs now to eat later. and of course, all the pineapples a girl could ever want. i looooove pineapple. and while i believe they work hard ( i didn´t see it, but probably because they work at like 5 am in the morning while i was sleeping) they have constant lounge fests, too. i would walk outside and everyone was just sprawled somewhere in the grass or on the porch somewhere. trying to catch a cat-nap and escape the balzing sun. it was rich.
saturday we went for a little hike to the river and walked thru a forest where i was splendored by nature a pleathuorea of times. we were walking in a geiner was like oh, there´s a frog and it was one of those cool little buggers from all the postcards. i was rather amazed....we saw at least 20. then we finally made it to the river and went swimming where 3 rocks met at the same point and it was like a a freezing cold jacuzzi. a dangerous jacuzzi, maybe. i almost got carried down stream a few times, but it was super fun. then we found a bunch of howler monkeys and had fun with them until the started the poop throwing fest. sunday we went to a rodeo. need i say more? a costa rican rodeo is pretty unbeatable. and we rode there in the pineapple truck since that is really the only transport available. i t was great fun. i was so not ready to leave, but we made the 4 bus, 12+ hour trek home yesterday. ALL day. and now we´re back in monteverde and i´m taking off tomorrow with my friend chelase to explore nicaragua. and i promise to be more diligent with the blog. harlar.

Friday, April 07, 2006

one of geiner´s friends accidentially erased all of the pictures off my camera the other day. que lastima! i did almost cry. so did he. too bad i didn´t find this internet place that actually had the capacity to upload pics last week. oh well, so i don´t really have any interesting photos, only dorky pictures of us in the house. above right is a pic of my current roommates (geiner in the middle) and what happens when you tell 3 ricans to ¨show me sexy!¨. apparently they thought that meant gay. pretty damn cute, i´d say.

adventure photos shall be arriving on the fly as i am heading to the rican boondocks to meet geiner´s parents next week and then to nicaragua with the only girl on the planet as kook as me. stay tuned.

and yes, we have what one might normally classify as "outdoor patio-type" furntiure in our kitchen/dining/living room. put a sock in it. this is a third world country and we´re actually living quite comfortably. we have winnie the pooh sheets, too, since we share a single bed and they only sell sheets for single beds here in cartoon themes. i´m a fan of the pooh bear.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

oh the experiences the weekend holds. last weekend we went to the family farm of one of our roommates to milk cows. i may never drink milk again. cows are enormous, filthy beasts. who knew? i went there to milk cows, but stayed huddeled in the corner for much of the time, trying to avoid being sprayed with projectile cow poo. because, believe you me, they aim and shoot. eleven cows later and sure i was glad i asked to borrow those highly fashionable rubber boot. i never did understand those weird farm people who had sex with their cows, but frankly after passing one afternoon in the presence of a dairy farm, i think that they should probably be executed.
apparently there is a place here where pics can be uploaded. above is a photo of my most adorable boyfriend feeding a baby cow that later bit him so hard that he bled for approximately 15 minutes. is was freaking halirious.